Derrelle Elijah (b.1994, Birmingham) is an artist who lives and works in London.

His work explores the relationship between analogue and digital processes, ranging from printmaking, painting, sculpture and installation based works. Focusing on a range of themes that deal with social contemporary issues, he develops artworks that transcend mediums and re-contextualise how information is communicated, allowing the audience to go beyond the obligatory image.

Starting with a function free mentality, an intrinsic overlay of research into early civilisations, universal language, traditional/forgotten processes, art history and contemporary news allows his work to start with an investment into investigation and ideation. Juxtaposing non-traditional combinations with redaction to create a coherent piece/series of work.

Quoting Jan Van Toorn who believes that ‘media gives us a strongly reduced distorted view on reality’
he believes that society is a visceral overload and that we are constantly bombarded by images.
Due to this he states that there is lots of information missed in-between, this is where he takes a deep dive. As he attempts to illuminate these realms by allowing his work to start a cultural conversation allowing the audience to go beyond the artwork presented to them.

He believes the art world is widely ostracised, in attempt to break down these barriers he speaks to audiences outside of the art-world through the art-world. In addition he flips the ‘giftshop’ narrative on it’s head stating..
‘all work is the work, no matter which version you get…you’ve got it.’.


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